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Advantages of Attending Lubbock Christian School

Lubbock Christian School’s educational philosophy grows out of its understanding of the Christian faith. We believe that the underlying source, goal, and direction of everything is the One revealed in the Bible as the Creator, Governor, and Redeemer of the universe. We believe that all reality is dependent upon this One and is intended to reflect his goodness and glory.


Lubbock Christian School provides a God-centered education by prioritizing:

  • Christian teachers in every class.
  • Daily non-denominational Bible classes and chapel assemblies.
  • All subjects (including science, history, and literature) taught from a Biblical perspective.
  • Bible-based values taught so that students may know right from wrong, be honest and kind, and know that abstinence is the answer to teenage sex and drug abuse.

The Value of Quality Academics:

  • We offer the Advanced Honors Diploma recommended by the Texas Education Agency for college-bound students. More than 95 percent of LCS graduates go on to higher education or professional careers.
  • Each year, graduating seniors excel on the ACT, averaging an ACT Composite score of 23, which is higher than the Texas average of approximately 20.8.
  • Smaller classes make individual attention and teacher-student interaction more effective.
  • Seniors at LCHS earn an average of 12-16 semester hours of college credit through a cooperative program with Lubbock Christian University.
  • Nearly half of the teachers at LCS have at least a Master’s Degree in education with an average of over 17 years of experience.
  • LCS students rank above the nation norm on the Stanford 10 Achievement Test.

We work with parents and church programs to provide a stable foundation.

  • Positive peer pressure at LCS provides a transformative influence in students’ lives.
  • LCS is a traditional school system, with faculty members assuming active roles in their students’ progress.
  • Students are expected to respect school authority, as well as the authority from their homes and community. Defiant attitudes or abusive behavior will lead to dismissal.
  • LCS junior high and high school students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities. Students are never excluded from sports teams or clubs due to numbers, and many students have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential.
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