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Planting Seeds
of Knowledge
and Faith

Pre-K Academics

Pre K and Kindergarten Chapel Schedule:

All School Chapel – second Tuesday of each month

Eagle Athletic Center | 8:55 am – 9:30 am

Pre K and Kindergarten – Wednesday and Friday

Primary Building | 8:00 am – 8:25 am

Pre K and Kindergarten – Mondays with Elementary

Auditorium | 8:00 am – 8:25 am


Starting Early with Bible Curriculum

Even for our youngest students, Bible instruction is an essential part of each day. By providing proper Bible teaching from an early age, we give our students the best possible tool for a lifetime of faith.


  • Study Old Testament heroes, learning that God had a plan for their lives
  • Learn how the early Bible characters trusted God and were obedient to Him


  • Develop a love for God, our Creator and Father, and for Jesus, our friend and Savior
  • The rewards of obedience and the consequences of disobedience
  • Study the life of Christ and His love for all mankind

Elementary (Pre K – 6th)

Core Knowledge: Establishing a Foundation

Lubbock Christian School uses the Core Knowledge curriculum. The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a clear body of lasting knowledge. Because knowledge builds on knowledge, Core Knowledge provides learning that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific. Building on what the child has already learned ensures that children enter each new grade eager to learn.

What are the benefits for my child?

What are the benefits for parents?

What subjects are included by Core Knowledge?

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download kindergarten core knowledge


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